Rabdan Academy is the first in the UAE to provide learning in a dual sector structure that recognises prior learning and experience, sharing accumulated credits from course to course and job to job


Rabdan Academy has a library and information Center containing books, journals and other media. Students and staff can search the library catalog and use many of its resources and services online via the library intranet.


Rabdan Academy provides a selection of short courses designed for professional development of personnel working in the safety, security, defense, emergency and crisis management sector.

Towards A More Resilient Nation

Rabdan Academy vision is to provide a future-class multi-disciplinary learning environment of choice for the continuing development and integration of safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness and crisis management professionals.


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Rabdan Academy conducts a successful fire evacuation drill

A successful fire drill was conducted at Rabdan Academy Campus in order to raise overall safety and emergency preparedness plan and to create awareness on the efficient evacuation among students, faculty and staff. On the 7th June 2017, the Fire Drill started in the morning, and as soon as the fire alarm bells went off, […]

Rabdan Academy Celebrates the International Labors Day 2017

  On the occasion of international labors day, which occurs on the first of May each year, and as an initiative for the year of giving, Rabdan Academy has launched a group of events and activities for its hard working workers in appreciation and respect to their efforts, their role in developing the community, and […]

Rabdan Academy holds a seminar on Managing Defense Organizations “Trends, Challenges and Opportunities”

Rabdan Academy held a seminar under the title of Managing Defense Organizations “Trends, Challenges and Opportunities” at its headquarters which is located in Abu Dhabi on Thursday 27th of April 2017. It was presented by Dr. Mehmet Abdulkadir Varoglu, professor of Management in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science, vice president of Baskent University. […]

Rabdan Academy Participates In the BCM Awareness Week

In its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, Rabdan Academy held the event of “Business Continuity Management (BCM) Awareness Week” for the Academy’s students on the topic of “Cyber Resilience” from April 30th – May 4th. A number of lecturers and academic experts attended the event. Among the participants were Dr. Saif Al-Dhahri, from the National Emergency, […]
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