Rabdan Academy is the first in the UAE to provide learning in a dual sector structure that recognises prior learning and experience, sharing accumulated credits from course to course and job to job


Rabdan Academy has a library and information Center containing books, journals and other media. Students and staff can search the library catalog and use many of its resources and services online via the library intranet.


Rabdan Academy provides a selection of short courses designed for professional development of personnel working in the safety, security, defense, emergency and crisis management sector.


Towards A More Resilient Nation

Rabdan Academy vision is to provide a future-class multi-disciplinary learning environment of choice for the continuing development and integration of safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness and crisis management professionals.


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International Student Exchange Program

An international Student Exchange Program is established for Rabdan Academy to send and accept students from partnering institutions. The student remains enrolled in his program and takes a semester of courses from the overseas institution. Immediate benefits include international experience by emergence in a new academy setting with different instructors, colleagues, resources, culture, and language […]

National Service Program in Rabdan Academy (Graduation of the Second Batch)

Rabdan academy launched an integrated training program for national service personnel for the second year in collaboration with the National and Reserve Service Authority of the UAE Armed Forces General Command. The program ran From 22 May 2016 till 9 June 2016. The courses and subjects were carefully chosen from a variety of technical and […]