Foundations/Bridge Program


The medium of instruction at the Academy is English.



Deborah Wilson
Lecturer - Program Chair Foundation
Jon Albert Petersen
Senior Lecturer- Foundation Program
Allison Morra Priest
ESL Instructor, Foundation Program
Nathan Soelberg
ESL Instructor - Foundation Program
Vilja Wheatcroft
ESL Instructor - Foundation Program
Lisa Fraser
ESL Instructor, Foundation Program


English is the medium of instruction for the Bachelor of Science degree. The Academy’s Foundation Program (also known Bridge Program) is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills in English, mathematics, information technology and academic readiness to be eligible for entry into the undergraduate degree programs. Applicants whose language and study skills are below the required level, but show promise of success may be admitted to the Academy’s Foundation/Bridge Program. Students will enrol in preparatory courses which include intensive study in English, mathematics, computing, study skills and technical language for content courses.

All faculty and administrators are committed to providing a student-centred preparatory program that meets the educational needs of our students, and offers support to enable the achievement of academic success at the Academy. Students who need to improve their English language skills must successfully complete courses that will develop their ability to an international level of proficiency before qualifying for admission to the undergraduate programs.

Before admission to Rabdan Academy, students are given a series of placement tests and assigned classes appropriate to the level of achievement on the assessments. Students are evaluated regularly to ensure they are making progress towards meeting the program requirements for continued study at the Academy and to be admitted to the Bachelor of Science programs.

For details about the courses, please download the Academy Catalogue.