Student Services

For all general student inquiries, queries and issues, please contact the Student Services Office:

Name: Ms Samya Salem Al Saedi, Registrar

Office hours: Sun – Thurs 08:00 to 16:00

Student Advising

Each student at Rabdan Academy is assigned an advisor who will provide support and advice to students in all facets of their educational and non-educational activities, including:

  • Assist and provide students with information regarding the educational requirements of their program and courses;
  • Assist in familiarising students with the campus facilities and learning resources; and
  • Provide support and advice on personal matters.

The student and advisor will have an initial face-to-face meeting within the first two weeks of the beginning of a semester. At this meeting the student and the educational advisor will agree a schedule of regular meetings to enable continuity of contact.

Each student is responsible for meeting with their advisor according to the agreed schedule of meetings. These meetings will be structured such that the educational advisor can provide the student with council, support and information on educational and non-educational matters.

If a student is unable to work with their advisor, or is uncomfortable doing so, the student will then be provided with an opportunity to discuss the matter with their advisor? or the Program -Chair in the first instance. If at that point, any issues or concerns cannot be resolved, the Chair will then assign an alternative advisor.