Rabdan Academy Celebrates the “UAE Flag Day”

Rabdan Academy Celebrates the “UAE Flag Day”




Rabdan Academy has participated in the UAE’s celebration of the “Flag Day” in honor of the UAE’s wise leadership, expressing the highest sense of love and loyalty to the country.


The ceremony was in the presence of Mr. James Morse, Rabdan Academy president, Dr. Faisal Obeid Al-Ayyan, the Vice President of the Academy, the Faculty members, the administrative staff  and the academy’s students who participated by presenting poems, narrating the story of the flag and explaining the meaning of its colors.

Mr. James Morse said he was pleased to see everyone celebrate an important national occasion that promotes national belonging and renewed loyalty to this rising young nation and its leadership. There is no doubt that the flag is one of the most important national symbols of independence in all countries, it is the symbol of their sovereignty and unity, and it is their identity that represents them everywhere and at any time.


Dr. Faisal Obeid Al-Ayyan said, “Today we share with our leadership, our government and our loyal people, the spirit of solidarity and unity for our dear nation”.

He added, “The UAE flag is a source of pride for all Emiratis, and this celebration is the embodiment of loyalty to our wise leadership, which is keen on elevating the name of our beloved country in all fields. This day renews the spirit of enthusiasm and giving in all of us for the elevation of this nation as a model of unity, interdependence and development”.