General Education


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August 23, 2015


Dr. Carla Rudder
Associate Professor- Interim Program Chair General Education
Dr. Besma Allagui
ESL Instructor, General Education Program
Dr. Jules St. John
Assistant Professor – General Education
Private: Dr. Khawla Saeed Hassan Al Haddad Al Hattawi
Assistant Professor – Environmental Science, Foundation & General Education
Dr. David Brian McKay
Associate Professor, General Education
Maurice Abi-Raad
Senior Lecturer, General Education Program
Katherine Barr Miller
ESL instructor
Dr. Sylvie Marguerite Raymond
Associate Professor, General Education
Mohammed Mhmood Almatalka
Arabic Lecturer - General Education


The General Education program at Rabdan Academy is an integral component of the undergraduate degree programs. The common first-year curriculum provides all students with core knowledge and ability that strengthen communication, problem-solving and study skills which are fundamental to succeeding in the academic specializations. Students are introduced to a broad range of knowledge about the humanities, natural sciences, information technology, math and the behavioural sciences which form the intellectual and ethical foundations to think critically, employ quantitative reasoning and develop competencies in English.

Students will develop the necessary intellectual, practical and academic skills to prepare them for life-long learning through integrated educational experiences. The General Education program also focuses on personal development and critical reflection to enhance students’ self-directed learning and educational achievements in their studies at Rabdan and after graduation in their workplace environments.

Students admitted to any of the Bachelor of Science programs are required to successfully complete the 14 General Education courses as part of their undergraduate degree studies.

For details about the courses, please download the Academy Catalogue.